light strip: Franzobel

29/11 2006 — 19/3 2007
Karlsplatz / Leuchtband

The Karlsplatz is seized by the Kunsthalle Wien. Semiannually the SCULPTURE and the SHOWCASE take reference to the square, quarterly artists program the LIGHT STRIP with LED-generated light/text images on top of the project space building.

The Austrian writer Franzobel (*1967) will use the format of the light strip for the first time at Kunsthalle Wien?s project space. ?It is about challenges and circumstances, about the Kunsthalle?s attempts at communication as well as the poet Franzobel?s transparent diary.?

Franzobel is described as a ?master wordsmith? and ?baroque story teller.? He creates a narrative style that bubbles and spurts with bizarre metaphors and onomatopoeia. His world is quirky, topical, and entirely up-to-date.
He was awarded the Ingeborg-Bachmann prize in 1995, the Kasseler Literature prize for grotesque humor in 1998, and the Arthur-Schnitzler prize in 2002.

Publications include: “Scala Santa oder Josefine Wurznbachers Höhepunkt”, Vienna 2000; “Luna Park. Vergnügungsgedichte”, Vienna 2003; “Lusthaus oder die Schule der Gemeinheit”, Munich 2004; “Das Fest der Steine oder Die Wunderkammer der Exzentrik”, Vienna 2005; “Der Schwalbenkönig oder Die kleine Kunst der Fußball-Exerzitien”, Klagenfurt, Vienna 2006.