light strip: Friederike Mayröcker

1/6 2011 — 30/9 2011

The artist Friederike Mayröcker, born in Vienna in 1924, ranks among Austria?s most important twentieth-century authors. Her manifold literary production, which comprises poetry, prose, stories, radio plays, children?s books, and dramatic works, is informed by a suggestive metaphorical power whose lyrical character transcends traditional notions of narrative literature, history, and identity. Mayröcker merges emotions, experiences, and passion to immediate and intense poetic worlds revealing the life of the moment. The monthly changing poems on the LED band are taken from the volumes ?Gesammelte Gedichte? (2004) and ?dieses Jäckchen (nämlich) des Vogel Greif? (2009). The artist has been awarded numerous renowned prizes such as the Georg Trakl Prize (1977), the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize (1993), and the Georg Büchner Prize (2001). Friederike Mayröcker lives and works in Vienna.