light strip: Rudi Klein “The Red Letters”

10/11 2007 — 31/3 2008
Karlsplatz / Leuchtband

Red is the stimulating color of correction in the tests of anxiety-ridden school pupils, but also the shimmering state of crazy love.

Mr. Klein (?it?ll only take a minute of your time?) applies associative encouragements in an appropriate location using running red script. He writes, draws and preaches in a variety of media in his function as the Prophet of the Hole God. Art can save your dried-out souls, but only if you are as flat as letters. (Rudi Klein)

Publications (selection): Einfache Vergnügungen, Vienna 1994. Autos ohne Saft (Rudi Klein, Nicolas Mahler, Much, Tex Rubinowitz), Vienna 2002. Abkeimende Sinnfragen, Frankfurt 2003. In autumn of 2007 Der Lochgott. Die Bibel des tiefen Gottes is being published by Czernin.

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