Michael Lin

20/4 2005 — 29/5 2005

The Taiwanese artist Michael Lin transforms the project space of the Kunsthalle Wien by arranging ist windows in such a way that the building resembles a monumental lamp. The pre-existing architectural environment is always the departure point of the concepts underlying his projects.
Instead of exhibiting pictures or objects, Michael Lin creates spatial installations that function as places of indolence, contemplation, playfulness and encounter.

The subjects of his painting are mostly traditional Taiwanese patterns that he transposes on to the whole space, covering walls, floors, windows and furniture. The people who frequent the space are also transformed into a part of the work as a whole. In this way Lin?s interests go way beyond mere floral iconography, but instead focus on the common-place nature of his motifs and thereby their familiarity and sensousness: a vivacious world of light and colour erupts within an artificial white cube.

Curator: Sabine Folie