New Crowned Hope: Green Flame. Part 1: Offerings

17/11 2006 — 13/12 2006

Visitors feel the grass with the soles of their feet. The room is filled with the aroma of incense. An Ash Tree stands surrounded with twelve large pots of water. Ernesto Novelo, Sergio and Reinaldo Pech create experimental art works deeply connected to their Mayan tradition. Their spontaneous imagery meets with the raindrop-like sounds of the ancient traditional Zimbabwean instrument Mbira, played by Albert Chimedza and his legendary group Gomamombe, and with the music of Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethio-Jazz. An installation where contemporary views meet ancient knowledge and Visual Arts meet Performance Arts.

Parts 2 and 3 of ?Green Flame? are shown at the Künstlerhaus (Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Vienna).

Curator: Meskerem Assegued