Paul Albert Leitner

10/7 2007 — 28/8 2007

Paul Albert Leitner keeps a travel journal in the medium of photography, recording the transformations he undergoes in the course of his voyage through life. Entirely in the tradition of Lawrence Sterne?s Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (1768) and the many subsequent novels of personal development though travel, the artist sets off (as a young man) on a journey into his own self. His perception passes through the autobiographical form of his outer, physical existence, juxtaposed in diptych form with nature as a mirror of the soul.

Paul Albert Leitner has been working for nearly three decades on a photographic oeuvre including still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and slide-sound collages. At the Kunsthalle Wien project space, he is showing a series of 240 slides, projected in three rooms: Portraits of Artists, Other People, and Self-portraits and Nature. Photographs from his series Self-portraits and Nature will also be shown.

Curator: Sabine Folie