Sergey Shestakov

3/2 2012 — 23/3 2012

Chernobyl is a place that has become a synonym for absolute horror, for the presence of an invisible death corroding the dimensions of time and space. Chernobyl also stands for a technological, political, and thus human failure, for dystopia as such. The Moscow photographer has set out on a search for clues in the thirtykilometer-radius exclusion zone around Chernobyl, where life has been extinguished for twenty-five years. We are confronted with deserted streets, abandoned houses, and objects left behind in a city going to ruin, a lifeless wasteland where nothing stirs. The title of the exhibition Journey into the Future suggests that the terror of the past also implies a warning concerning a possible future: Chernobyl and Fukushima are not really far from each other. ?Sergey Shestakov?s works do not so much refer to the past as they provoke feelings and thoughts about the future?. (Olga Sviblova)

Olga Sviblova (Director of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow)
Lucas Gehrmann (Kunsthalle Wien)

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with the Moscow City Government, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (Moscow House of Photography).