showcase. Andrea Witzmann: fanbox

1/4 2009 — 18/10 2009

Usually, the word ?fan? is associated with signifying an enthusiastic follower rather than a ventilation device. The Viennese photographer Andrea Witzmann takes up this double meaning in an ironic manner: spatial situations from climatic zones where ventilator cooling makes life more agreeable are mounted on the shell of the cube offering itself for interventions on Karlsplatz. Witzmann thus not only endows the location with a tropical flair and the ambience of a careless lightness of being, but also refers to its character as a functional infrastructural hub in the heart of the city.
The extension of the depth of its space through the photographic installation corresponds to the showcase niches? presentation. Touristic axes of vision focusing on Witzmann?s central work emphasize the performative nature of the
Karlsplatz area.

Andrea Witzmann (*1970) lives and works in Vienna.