showcase: Fabian Seiz. Fear of

15/4 2011 — 29/2 2012

The Austrian artist Fabian Seiz has become known for his objects cobbled together from bulky garbage items, mainly pieces of wood, plastic, and other materials. His so-called ?thinking machines,? as the artist calls them, only begin to work within the viewer?s process of thinking.
Their main attraction lies in the suggestion of their imminent starting up.
The wooden sheds presented at the showcase KÖR on Karlsplatz are photographs of models the artist made for this particular purpose. Enlarged to their ?real? size, as 1:1 illusions, they convey the notion of a state of emergency. As the title of the work promises, they hint at some impending violence ? be it a sociopolitical event or a natural disaster. Nailed up with boards, the deserted houses ? which resemble a ghost town ? truly symbolize the eruption to be expected.
Fabian Seiz, born in Vienna in 1975, lives and works in Vienna.