showcase: Ulrike Lienbacher. House of Cards

30/3 2012 — 28/2 2013

Kartenhaus (House of Cards) is both an installation and a photographic work that was conceived by the artist specifically for its site. The artist built real houses of cards from a selection of one hundred postcards all of which show naked bodies, photographed the houses from varied angles, and assembled the shots to a theoretically infinite space in a honeycomb-like structure. Famous motifs from art history are used whose appearance in public space irritates, though. The irritation results from the shift of context from a closed space into the public sphere, from the mixture of different periods of making, and from the multiple change of scale from the original to the postcard and back again to the human model.

Ulrike Lienbacher was born in Oberdorf in 1963; she lives in Vienna and Salzburg.

Curator: Cathérine Hug