Siggi Hofer: HANDLUNG

21/10 2010 — 25/3 2011
Museumsquartier / ProjectWall

Drawing, Architecture, Photography.
The artist Siggi Hofer, born in South Tyrol in 1970, may be described as a drawing architect permanently extending his main medium, drawing, into the third dimension of sculpture and installation. He seems to be able to fall back on his own virtual modular assembly system when he works on a piece, fitting monad to monad, stone to stone, letter to letter. There are countless ways in which letters may crop up: we come upon sentences, words, emotional statements, or block-like figures spread across a room. Single words in mirror writing ? or, like in the instance of ?Handlung? (act, action, story, plot), in inverted form and flaunting their ambiguity ? mark the subversive impulse of Hofer?s art, which is intent on questioning rules and conventions. Siggi Hofer also hints at continuous change and process by replacing ?Handlung? with ?Bar? after half the running time, photographing the project wall and the architecture it is part of (which recalls his absurd miniature monuments or monolithic walls), and using them as a picture postcard and mail art motif.