Sunah Choi – Videos

The videos of Sunah Choi, born 1968 in Pusan, are structural investigations questioning the contents, construction, and meaning of images with methodical consistency.

In ?Cheek to cheek?, for example, she ironically juxtaposes sound and image in dealing with documentary war footage. What can be seen is bomber planes attacking, sinking warships, or tanks in battle. These pictures are enveloped in the swinging melody and lyrics of a song informing the viewer: ?Heaven, I’m in heaven and my heart beats so that I can’t hardly speak ?? Ultimately, the mutual interference of sound and image in the montage creates a somewhat buoyant picture parade that results in an aestheticizing of war and war technology through a subversive play with music.

Videos shown in Vienna:
Cheek to cheek, 3:35 min, 1999
Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, 3:35 min, 1999
moving pictures, 1:41 min, 1998
flowersandleaves, 6:15 min, 1999
toilet piece, 0:31 min, 1998
Die Spiele müssen weitergehen, 5:15 min, 2000

Curator: Gabriele Mackert