Swiss Performance

17/9 2008 — 4/11 2008

The exhibition ?Swiss Performance? offers an insight into the manifold contemporary Swiss performance scene. It focuses on five female artists of different generations, attitudes, and living conditions, whose works deal with and explore the female identity and body. These Swiss performance artists? different outlooks and their presentations of the female body and its changing energies reflect the change and dissolution of individual and social contexts, notions, and experiences.
Each exhibition will be opened with a performance whose artistic ?results? ? objects, photographs, installations, and videos ? will remain in the exhibition space as relics. In the change between performative acts and installational presentations, the relationship between process and state, ephemeral actions and lasting objects, artistic transitoriness and permanence will be fathomed.

The series of performances in the Kunsthalle Wien project space will be opened with Inside-Out by Clarina Bezzola, who lives in New York. In her installational performances, the trained opera singer combines action, singing, text, and object installations. Contentually, Bezzola?s works explore the individual?s restriction and isolation through social mechanisms of control and power and their rules and norms.