video of the month # 74: Jordan Wolfson – Con Leche

1/3 2012 — 31/3 2012
Museumsquartier / Videolounge

Jordan Wolfson
Con Leche, 2009
hand drawn animation, video, sound
20 min

Courtesy Galerie Johann König, Berlin

Hand drawn animation of Diet Coke bottles filled with milk composited into video footage walk alone and in groups through an empty industrial city from day to night. A commercial voice over actress speaks from texts Wolfson collected from the Internet most of which are personal accounts spoken in first person. The subjects of these text changes constantly change and vary from questions about the body to definitions of technology to conversations about identity. Every few minutes Jordan Wolfson interrupts her giving basic instructions and adjustments: Please increase volume/ please decrease volume/ Please increase sex/Please decrease sex/Please normalize tone. These instructions are exactly similar to those found in the re-enactments of ‘Your Napoleon’, 2009.