Walter Niedermayr

31/1 2003 — 27/4 2003
Museumsquartier / Halle1

?I would like to make visible something which the mass of the people is no longer aware of.” Walter Niedermayr.

The exhibition presents a first selection of works from different groups and offers an enigmatic insight into the project and the artist?s attitude towards photography and reality. Besides pictures of various Alpine locations, which have established Niedermayr?s international reputation, the show comprises the results of the photographer?s tours through hospitals and jails, as well as highway architecture and building sites. His records focus on spatial systems and infrastructural elements directing our undertakings and activities in the outer world.
Whether Walter Niedermayr photographs in the openness of an Alpine landscape or within the controlled confinement of a prison or psychiatric ward, he does away with all references to specific locations in his pictures. His works are characterized by a diffuse light illuminating the spaces and colours. Being referred to both the visible and the invisible as well as their tension, the viewer paces a sequence of spaces between austere eeriness and poetical transcendence.
In an age of speed and acceleration in the media, Walter Niedermayr grants time to space again. With his several-part compositions, he creates sauntering zones, tableaux of movements brought to a halt. The montage of photographic sequences and their subtle shifts of point-of-view and focus make his pictorial compositions exceed familiar perception. An ambience beyond the experienced world emerges: the shots are related to the sphere of imagination rather than to that of traditional photographic representation.

Curators: Marion Piffer Damiani and Gerald Matt

Guided tours: every Sunday 3 pm