William Wegman

21/11 2002 — 2/3 2003
Museumsquartier / VideoWall

Wiliam Wegman has gained international recognition for his work in photography, drawing and video. A postmodern, conceptual humorist, a ?master of whimsy, whose works have a charm and absurdist intelligence? (The New Yorker).
Wegman, born in 1943, grew up in Western Massachusetts, attended art school in Boston and Illinois, taught in Wisconsin, then went to California. Here he got his first Weimaraner that he named Man Ray. Man Ray and his descendants soon became the central figures in his photographs and videos and received the status of muses. Wegman himself characterized the Weimaraners as the ?constant companion of the professional German forester?.
Wegman plays with trust and manipulation – of the dogs and the viewer.
With the Weimaraner dogs as alter ego and performer for the camera, he creates brilliant moments of idiosynchratic narrative comedy.

Curator: Gerald Matt