What new challenges will a more technology-driven life bring to young women, and which artistic strategies will help in dealing with them?

As part of the course “The exhibition as a place of learning”, students of the Institute for Education in the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna designed a program for students with a group of participants from the production school “bildung.bewegt Mädchen”.

The results of this participatory appropriation of Hysterical Mining were shown in an accompanying special exhibition from 31/5 to 30/6 2019 at Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier.

Concept and implementation: Milena Georgieva, Mira Jank, Anna Koblitz, Elisabeth Lehner, Magdalena Micoloi, Paul Presich (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna).

With contributions from: Jessi Bauer, Luisa Chmiel, Shikofa Fayazi, Slawa Hame, Isabella Hodas, Muzhgan Khaliqi, Michelle Mladenovic, Rahmana Omerovic, Wahida Sadul, Oliwia Wronowska