Friedenskinder. Augmented Reality Walk


Friedenskinder is a city walk accessible via a free of charge app as part of Die andere Stadt.

In Friedenskinder, artist Alireza Daryanavard documents the forgotten history(s) of Yppenplatz: diary entries when Ottakring was bombed out, the knocking of people who got buried underneath. Access restrictions to the air raid shelter. A journey through time to the buried stories of the streets and alleys around Brunnenmarkt and houses without Stolpersteine. About dark cellars, about playing hide and seek and never finding each other again.

You can download the app here.

Credits: Causa Creations

Funding: SHIFT – Basis.Kultur

As part of the initiative Bunker 16 – Artist in Residencies. A cooperation of brunnenpassage and Kunsthalle Wien.