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The title of Katrina Daschner‘s most comprehensive exhibition to date, BURN & GLOOM! GLOW & MOON!, is inspired by the song Tears for the Absent, which the artist sang in 2007 during a performance with the band SV DAMENKRAFT (together with Gustav and Sissy Boyz):

Thousand years of troubled genders
Now we’re here to live it all

Past and future all together

Tears for the absent and beloved

Burning pearls like glooming stars

Glowing eggs of mooning spiders

As love will tear us all apart

In addition to a bag with the exhibition title, there is also a limited edition available in the Kunsthalle Wien Shop:

The monstrous, untameable, and uncontrollable feminine or female* body has been a central pillar of phallocentric and patriarchal culture for thousands of years, taking many forms from the figure of Medusa onwards. Part of folk imaginary in many different parts of the world, the myth of “vagina dentata” (toothed vagina in Latin) is a common reference to the monstrous female*.

Katrina Daschner repeatedly visits the notion of vagina dentata in her practice. Sometimes it functions as an armor for her queer performers, and sometimes as a rite of empowerment when they “enter” the stage through it. And now it is also available as a pendant in a limited edition!


Prize: € 79
Limited Edition (80 pieces, 20 AP)

Prize: € 20

Available at Kunsthalle Wien Shop in Museumsquartier during regular opening hours.
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