Rade Petrasevic


Duration: Fall 2020

The work of Rade Petrasevic (b. Vienna in 1982, lives and works in Vienna) inhabits a figurative space of pseudonarration, where classical painterly tradition – meaning oil and canvas, the still life genre, and the nude model – effortlessly mingle with marker-pen aesthetics, blunt stereotypes, easily readable commercial signifiers, and plastic shower curtains. Born out of impatience, Petrasevic’s distinct style simultaneously denotes its painterly pedigree while also revealing a more humorous and laid-back approach to the big topics of art history.

The often deceptively simple and seemingly innocent scenes, as well as the use of stereotypes and clichés, allow Petrasevic to freely speak about sexuality, fetishes, bodily transformations, and the tensions between privacy and public. His bold colors, simple shapes, and cheeky titles create instant associations and numerous readings that also suggest approachability, warmth, and intimacy.

Within the framework of KISS Rade Petrasevic will create new work that loosely relates to the politically charged history of the mural but taking on an idiosyncratic form true to Petrasevic’s personal style the work unapologetically drags painting and art history into public space.

The project will be realized in 2021.