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Companion-Object-Workshops in the context of the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human

With inputs by Katharina Graf-Janoska, Heide Hammer, Gilda-Nancy Horvath, Andreas Lehner, Samuel Mago, Andreas Pavlic, Žaklina Radosavljević, Michaela Schipper-Schauer, Ioana Spataru, Lea Susemichel, Vivaro (Žaklina Radosavljević, Lavinia Seidel) a.o.

Concept and realization: Andrea Hubin and Melinda Tamás

If you were asked what object represents a “good life” for you, what would it be? A blanket, a coffee cup, a book, a group photo, a new cover for the sofa, an ID card, …?

To what extent does the object that comes to your mind speak about the relationships within and the difficulties of your life, and about the social conditions in which they are embedded? Are there any unrealized possibilities, dreams, and wishes, possibly even utopias, to be discovered in the stories? Especially if we pursue the question together.

The workshop series LET’S BE REALISTIC! is an invitation to explore these questions during two weekends in July. Based on an intensive examination of the artefacts in the exhibition Averklub Collective. Manuš Means Human, connecting lines will be drawn to objects and stories that the workshop participants bring along .

Following a suggestion by the Soviet writer Sergei Tretyakov, we want to arrive at an analysis of socio-political relationship dynamics through the writing of “thing biographies” and, based on this, at visions of how we want to live (together).

As a result of the workshops, ”companion objects” will be created – leaflets and picture postcards that will accompany future visitors through the exhibition.

Information, getting to know each other & possibility to register: Wednesday, 23/6 2021, 5 pm, Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

Friday, 2/7 2021, 2-5 pm
With: Andrea Hubin & Melinda Tamás

Saturday, 3/7 2021, 2-6 pm
With: Heide Hammer & Michaela Schipper-Schauer

Sunday, 4/7 2021, 2-6 pm
With: Andreas Lehner & Ioana Spataru

Tuesday, 6/7 2021, 2-6 pm
With: Katharina Graf-Janoska

Friday, 16/7 2021, 2-5 pm, 2-6 pm
HOUSING (in the exhibition)
With: Andreas Pavlic

Saturday, 17/7 2021, 2-6 pm
HOUSING (excursion)
With: Andreas Pavlic

Sunday, 18/7 2021, 2-6 pm
With: Samuel Mago, Vivaro (Žaklina Radosavljević, Lavinia Seidel) & Lea Susemichel

Tuesday, 20/7 2021, 2-5 pm
With: Gilda Nancy Horvath


Registration for the workshops: besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at.
For further information and registration write to: Andrea.Hubin@kunsthallewien.at

Participation is free of charge. Free entry to the exhibition.
Language(s): German (English, Hungarian, French, Romanes, Romanian, … as required)

Partial participation is possible. You can find a detailed program here.

The workshops will take place as group activities at Kunsthalle Wien, as excursions and/or online, in accordance with the current Covid 19 prevention regulations.