Live Together. Learn Together – Shared Space. Shared Rules


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In the winter semester, 2017-18, students of the Vocational School for Administrative Occupations (Berufsschule für Verwaltungsberufe) and the Vocational School of Commerce (Berufsschule Handel @ Administration) dealt with topics such as; shared living spaces, and working together in and around the classroom. How does a community work? Does it need rules, and who makes those rules? Do some communities work best when they share secrets? The students in a succession of several workshops explored these issues using audio recording apparatus and techniques. The participants interviewed people on the street, or specific experts in the context of the themes and particular topics addressed. Subsequently they learned to edit and to compile their own audio pieces. The results were transformed into an audio installation that was presented in an exhibition in April 2018, at Kunsthalle Wien, and also featured within the radio series teenstalk on Radio Orange.

The project was initiated by the Education Department of the Kunsthalle Wien and the participating schools. It was realised with thanks to the friendly support of the Vienna Chamber of Labor and the KUS network for education, social affairs, sport and culture.