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The solo exhibition Which Side Are You On? by Rajkamal Kahlon gives an overview of over twenty years of Kahlon’s artistic practice, which explores the entanglements of power and visual regimes.

There is a notebook, a poster, and tote bag as a limited edition available in the Kunsthalle Wien Shop.

The design of the three articles is based on the work You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (2022). In the work, Kahlon dresses a woman from an engraving originally entitled The Native Way of Climbing Cocoa Palms in Ceylon in a red business suit, white shirt, and black heels. Through this new attire, the larger-than-life figure is an ironic commentary on the myth of social mobility in US-American society, but she also becomes a re-minder of the resilience and insubordination of the local population when faced with an objectifying gaze.

Price: € 4

Poster A2
Price: € 5
Limited Edition (100 pieces)

Tote Bag
Price: € 18
Limited Edition (100 pieces)

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