Salon Souterrain – short biographies



Alexander Gaderer (moderator of the panel) is a theologian, philosopher and pedagogue, he studied and taught at the University of Vienna, the Institut Catholique de Paris, and the University of Glasgow. His main research areas are phenomenology and theological-ethical issues in the field of transcendence and transhumanism. Among other things, he published the book Doesn’t matter? – Theological reflections on indifference. He is currently lecturing at the Theologische Kurse in Vienna and is teaching ethics and religious studies at the Theresianische Akademie in Vienna. Additionally, Alexander Gaderer is a trained media and communication specialist and coach, who has worked for nearly ten years as producer and editor for various international media companies.

Jesus Crespo Cuaresma is Director of Economic Analysis at the Wittgenstein Centre and has an oversight function of three WIC Research Groups, Professor of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), as well as and Research Scholar at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). He studied Economics at the University of Sevilla (Spain) and received his PhD from the University of Vienna. He has published numerous articles in renowned scientific journals and acts as a scientific consultant to the World Bank and the Austrian Institute of Economic Research. Areas of expertise: Applied Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Human Capital, Economic Policy Research.

Anesu Dzvuke is a resident doctor based in Vienna, who aims to specialize in the field of neuro-oncology. Born in 1994, Dzvuke grew up in Gaborone and Harare, before moving to Vienna and commencing her studies at the Medical University of Vienna. A doctor by day; a spoken word poet by night. Dzvuke shares a love for both the sciences and the arts, and has been performing in the Viennese poetry scene over the past several years. In her work, Dzvuke aims to highlight the intersectionality between art and science, and the way both mediums are utilized to describe the enigma that is our world and ultimately the human condition.

For more than 20 years, Vienna based Johanna Mayr-Keber has been on a mission to break down barriers and frontiers with a focus on connecting elements on strictures beneath. She is an architect, organizes cultural events, releases music on the duzzdownsan label and is host and DJ for La Boum De Luxe, a weekly radio show on FM4. She prefers to spin music, that is heavy on synth sounds accompanied by haunting vocals or rap. Joja is known to play with different genres, ranging from four-to-the-floor, hip hop, grime, and noisey tunes.

Helga Schania, born 1973 in St. Pölten, studied architecture with Hans Hollein. She also studied fashion design with Helmut Lang at the University of Applied Arts, Pret a Porter collections and shows in Paris since 1999, film costumes for numerous international productions. Together with Hermann Fankhauser she founded Wendy Jim, an international avant garde fashion label based in Vienna. Wendy Jim has been making collections for women and men since 1999. Shows in Paris, international exhibition participations, lectures and projects at fashion universities, uniforms for companies, hotels, tailor-made suits, slow fashion, special projects.


Lena Fankhauser is a violist of Trinidadian-Swiss heritage born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She started playing the violin at the age of 4. She has received both her Bachelor and Master’s degree from the Julliard School of Music in New York City on a full scholarship. Fankhauser has toured worldwide, across numerous genres, and played in many halls including New York’s Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and the Royal Albert Hall in London. As a passionate chamber musician, Lena Fankhauser founded a Chamber Music Festival in Bad Ischl and (CH)AMBER, an association for new chamber music. She is a founding member, contractor, and manager of the film orchestra, Big Island Orchestra Vienna, and a founding member and musical curator of Salon Souterrain.

For Franz Hautzinger, born 1963 in Seewinkel, Burgenland, a Hannibal Marvin Peterson concert at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf was the young trumpeter’s “awakening experience”. He studied at the Jazz department of today’s Art University in Graz from 1981 to 1983 until lip palsy forced him to take a six-year total break from trumpeting. After moving to Vienna in 1986 he started in 1989 to explore the trumpet in his very own and non-academic way. Franz Hautzinger teaches at the Vienna Music University since 1989, is a member of the Berliner ensemble Zeitkratzer since 1999 and received comissions from Klangforum Vienna amongst others. He is a globetrotter whose unmistakable musical signature is known from Vienna to Berlin, London to Beirut, or in Tokyo, New York, and Chicago. Franz Htzingeaur has shown that even in times when postmodernism is history an instrument can still be reinvented.

Like Hamburg, Germany itself, Timor Litzenberger is a well-kept secret. He has been DJing, composing music and producing for around 35 years, he’s played at world-renowned festivals and even scored some of your favorite films but still, most don’t know his name. This is not an oversight, rather his own design. While Timor Litzenberger loves playing in the spotlight, he has no desire to live there. He chooses instead a quiet life in Hamburg with his partner and five children. So if you’re at the party and nobody knows who the DJ is and you just want to dance and dance til you throw up? It’s probably Timor!

Lukas König, born in 1988, studied at Gustav Mahler Konservatorium in Vienna, Anton-Bruckner University in Linz, and the Swiss Jazz School/HKB in Bern. He was given the Hans Koller Price-New York Scolarship in 2009, the BMUKK Startstipendium and the Bremen Jazzpreis (with Kompost3) and the Bawag P.S.K. Next Generation Award in 2014. Klangforum Wien premiered his composition Stereogram1 at Konzerthaus Vienna in 2018. In addition to performances at festivals worldwide he collaborated with Moormother, Irreversible Entanglements, Charmaine Lee, Luke Stewart, Farida Amadou, Audrey Chen, Julien Desprez, Reggie Washington, Malcolm Braff, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Chris Pitsiokos, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Briggan Krauss, Shahzad Isamaily, Elliott Sharp, Brandon Seabrock, Elvin Brandhi, ensemble für neue musik zürich, Bilderbuch, Martin Siewert, Franz Hautzinger, Wolfgang Puschnig, Thomas Gansch, Andy Manndorff, Wolfgang Puschnig, RSO Vienna, David Murray, Die Strottern, Leo Riegler, Wolfgang Mitterer, Jon Sass, Otto Lechner, Patrice Heral, Guem, Klangforum Vienna, and many more.


Jahson The Scientist is a “wordsman”, has been described as a Spoken Word Artist, eMCee and anything in-between. Raised in both London and Montserrat (Caribbean), the Caribbean introduced him to freestyling and writing rhymes and London deepened his connection to music by crate digging for vinyl, becoming a DJ and being part of MC and DJ collectives. Today as a lyricist his music is centered in Hip Hop with influences of Afro-beat, Jazz and Soul. Jahson often gives the listener a view through the keyhole on “black” matters, the riddle of Adam from atoms, culture, science, and spirit. A versatile performer, he can be found on stage as part of the band Sketches on Duality, a clarinet quartet, 16-piece band, solo or otherwise. A true live artist who lives every moment onstage, he is known for his ability to create songs in the moment, his use of word-play and ability to inspire. Audiences from London to Den Hague, Marseilles to Taiwan have witnessed his performances which combine live instrumentation with samples/beats or just the naked word. In 2022, Jahson released his new song Dutty Water, Plush Vessel.

Sara Lanner, born in 1991, is a choreographer and visual artist working with dance and performance art. Using her body as a social choreography and sculptural means, Lanner’s previous performances took place in exhibition spaces, on theater stages, in interdisciplinary and public spaces. She received the H13 Niederoesterreich Prize for Performance Art presented by the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich for her Performance and Exhibition MINE (2021); and the Ö1 Audience Award of the Ö1-Talent Grant 2020 presented by the Leopold Museum, Vienna for Mother Tongue (2019). Her other works were extensively performed at the Tanzquartier Wien, galerie5020, Open House of Culture Linz, City Gallery Salzburg, Macau International Performance Art Festival, OPEN Performance Art Festival in China, Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival in Thailand, WUK Performing Arts, and Künstlerhaus Nürnberg.

Felix Vidensky is a traveler, freelance artist and cook, who is organizing feasts, gatherings, and exhibitions. Since he was running a farm, he acquired an enormous knowledge about farming and food and is known as a specialist for organic highs. In the series of events Opium im Volk/Opium within the people, he used to cook with ingredients, that naturally contain psychoactive substances. He has published several food-oriented books: Des Hanfbauern Kochbuch, Feuer am Tisch and Organic High.

Speech of Love: Absence – The Abandonment

Bi Zia Alain Irie aka ALAINGO is a specialist in combining Coupé Décalé movements (Ivorian dance style) with hip hop and various Afro beats. Alaingo Lamama has appeared in various Ivorian television shows and performed with the famous singers Debordeaux Leekunfa and Fally Ippupa. He regularly gives workshops in France and is also anchored in the urban dance scene in Paris. Since 2016, he has been a member of the dance and theater group LA FLEUR, among others he was seen in Monika Gintersdorfer‘s Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le bara.

Luca Bonamore is a dancer, choreographer, performance artist as well as dance educator. He has been living in Vienna for 12 years and is originally from Rome. In the independent scene, he performs mainly under the pseudonym “Pornamore”. In collaborations he worked on Kimbar: A queer protest, SBS320. and super-entangled for the Garage Grande as well as Fugue:Four Response in the Museumsquartier, which was shown at the Volkstheater Wien. Furthermore, he performed in productions of the Jungle, Max-Reinhardt-Seminar, KunstHaus Wien, Booth 129, MUK Theater as well as Unicorn Art – Association for Dance Theater. Currently, he is studying contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the Music and Art Private University of the City of Vienna. He is interested in the interface and connection of different arts, as well as the examination of gender/roles/expression.

Hugo Le Brigand, born in 1991, works with dances as a means to encounter, collaborate with various artists including among others Doris Uhlich, Alix Eynaudi, Sebastiano Sing, and Daniela Georgieva. In 2018, he received the START scholarship for music and performing arts, and in 2017 he was a selected participant of danceWEB, ImPulsTanz. He studied at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK), at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and has a bachelor’s degree in history (Rennes II, France).

Lau Lukkarila (they/them) is a choreographer and performer born in Oulu, Finland. They studied at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and at the Royal School of Performing Arts in Madrid, and currently lives in Vienna. In 2018, they received the START grant from the Austrian Federal Chancellery for Music and Performing Arts and the danceWEB grant at ImPulsTanz Festival. Recent works include Trouble (2019) at the Rakete Festival in Tanzquartier Wien, NYXXX (2020) at imagetanz with brut Wien, kneading to the 3rd millennia (2021) at brut Wien as part of Freischwimmen Network and Lapse (2022) duet with Luca Bonamore at the S_P_I_T Festival in Tanzquartier Wien. Under LAUX (lapdog) Lau Lukkarila has released two internet EP’s: Superlike (2019) and HUFKLANG (2020). In the performative works, they search for interdisciplinary encounters, devoted awkwardness and the presence of an emotional body in dance and performance.

As a qualified actor, David Ketter‘s field of activity includes theater/film and television. He has worked at the Volkstheater Vienna and in various independent productions (Alma, Last Days of Mankind, etc.) and for various broadcasters such as ORF, ZDF, Servus TV and others. The documentary film on the topic of “dementia”, realized together with Marcus Josef Weiss, was awarded the TELEIOS State Prize.

Ursula Winterauer is a musician, sound designer and label boss. Known from various band projects (including Wealth, Agent Cooper, Ash My Love), the bassist, singer and electronic musician has been active with her solo project Gischt since 2017, in which she lets vehement e-bass riffs collide with noise synthesis and gloomy club sounds. Inspirations from metal, techno and ambient merge here with powerful elegance and precision. Gischt‘s solo debut IS released on her label Ventil Records. Since 2015, she has been releasing finely selected records from other friends of adventurous-progressive music (including Fauna, Kœnig, Katharina Ernst), who work in fields of tension away from degenerate genre boundaries.

Extract from Speech of Love: Absence by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe
A production by Dig Up Productions • WUK performing arts Vienna • FFT Düsseldorf
With the support of the City of Wien, MA 7, 2022

Artistic concept, artistic direction: Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe
Created and performed by: Luca Bonamore Annick ChocoDavid KetterLau Lukkarila Evandro Pedroni
Dramaturgical support: Katinka Deecke
Production: Indra Jäger
Stage and costumes design: Rimma Ariel Elbert
Music and composition: Ursula Winterauer
Light design: Martin Schwab  Svetlana Schwin
Video: Eduardo Trivinio Cely
Special big thanks to: Monika Gintersdorfer


Born in Kinshasa (DRC), Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe grew up in France and pursued artistic studies and got the Diplôme National d’Expression Plastique at the School of Fine Arts in Tourcoing, France. She has since developed a reflection on the transformation of spaces, time, bodies on stage and in exhibition spaces in the form of performance/installation/sculpture. In response to the rise of European populist parties, Tambwe created in 2017 a multidisciplinary art space: Château Rouge. In 2018, she sets up the concept of Salon Souterrain, a platform for discussions mixing different forms and artistic gestures.

Indra Jäger, born in Frankfurt/Main, has been living in Vienna since 2000. After studying journalism and communication sciences, she co-initiated and directed the art and culture association IM ERSTEN (2012–2016). In her role as artistic director, she has conceived, accompanied and implemented over 100 projects at the interface of visual and performing arts. Through collaboration with artists from various disciplines, follow-up projects have developed. Working with Dig Up Productions since 2022, she is part of the Salon Souterrain team and produced Speech of Love: Absence.

Lena Fankhauser is a violist of Trinidadian-Swiss heritage born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a passionate chamber musician, Lena Fankhauser founded a Chamber Music Festival in Bad Ischl and (CH)AMBER, an association for new chamber music. She is a founding member, contractor and manager of the film orchestra, Big Island Orchestra Vienna, and a founding member and musical curator of Salon Souterrain.

David Pujadas Bosch born in Barcelona, lives in Vienna since 2000. From 2000 until 2013, he worked at IBM Austria in different areas (Announcement Support Advisor, Quality Coordinator, Country Focal Point, among others). From 2003 til 2013, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Monica Bonvicini (sculpture and performative art) and Harun Farocki (film and art). Since 2013 in the film class with Thomas Heise. Works mainly with video and film but also engages in photography, drawing, writing and making performances and sound installations. From 2009 to 2016, regularly illustrated, wrote and kept accounts for Paradigmata – Journal for People and Discourse, among other editorial activities such as layout, editing and distribution.

Svetlana Schwin was born in 1984 in Krasnoturyinsk, in the Urals. Studied performing arts in Bremen and theater studies and philosophy in Vienna. She works as a freelance lighting designer, theater director and author in Vienna. The youth play Pietro Pizzi won the Jungwild Förderpreis and the STELLA. She was a participant in the writing class at Schauspielhaus Wien. The radio play Mein Mitleid mit den Dingen received the special prize Sonderpreis für Dichtung at the short radio play competition 2018. As a light designer, she works with independent groups in the dance and performance scene. She creates her own light objects and light installations, such as the lighthouse in 2020. Her performance Kuss, a game with body and light, has been around for over nine years in now four versions and has been shown at WUK, Werk and Ballhaus Ost Berlin, among others.

Benoît Jouan is an author and illustrator. He studied fine arts, and holds a university degree (Master of Visual and Plastic Arts/ Lille III University, France) and an art school degree (National Superior Diploma of Expression of Plastic Arts-DNSEP & National Diploma of Plastic Arts-DNAP of the School of Tourcoing, France). He worked for twenty years (1999-2019) at the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art (LaM), in Villeneuve-d’Ascq (France) as a lecturer and art workshop leader (specialized in engraving) in closed environments such as psychiatric hospitals and prisons. He has been working with Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe since 1998. Since 2022 he lives and works in Vienna.

Tim Wikkering is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Vienna. From 2016 to 2017 he made his diploma in Graphic and Communication Design at Die Graphische, Vienna. Studied a year Japanology and continued a bachelor study in graphic and information design at the New Design University in St. Pölten. Growing up with a love for art, film and design and found something in graphic design that encompasses all passions. With a fascination for analog printing and illustrations, he is always trying to find new solutions for a unique design.

François Ntambue Tambwe is a webdesigner who loves writing codes. He has worked internationally, in-house, and remotely on projects for artists, startups, and charities. He cares deeply about creating useful, and beautiful designs that help people and make a difference. He is involved in projects in Berlin, Vienna as well as in Brazzaville and Kinshasa.