Space of Questions: Kunsthalle Wien Online Art Talks


You are cordially invited to join our virtual Space of Questions – a space opening up around a selected artwork which is on view in one of our current exhibitions. It is open questions which drive us and that we therefore want to propose for collective enquiry.

Each Space of Questions (duration: 75 minutes) begins with a contextualizing introduction. It is followed by a proposal for an enquiring focus on the art work, offering an impulse for the subsequent conversation.

Currently, the exhibition on filmmaker Želimir Žilnik (Shadow Citizens) and the group show Cybernetics of the Poor  raise questions such as: Who benefits from stepping out of the shadows of social discrimination? Do algorithms model what we perceive as happiness today? What is human? When do we feel the machine?

We understand this virtual Space of Questions also as a stimulus for a visit to the exhibition, as long as we are not yet able to offer guided tours or art talks on site.

The number of participants is limited, please register at:

Our art talks will be hosted via Zoom and their content customized for this form of exchange.
This format is open for everyone who, also in times of social distancing, appreciates an opportunity for conversations inspired by contemporary art. No preparation in advance is needed!
The Zoom link will be provided on the day of the talk.
If you have any questions concerning the use of Zoom, please feel free to write an e-mail to:

The art talks will be held in German and are free of charge
If you are interested in a Space of Questions Online Art Talk for an English speaking group, please let us know at