Sanja Iveković. Weh dem, der sich vor Geistern fürchtet [Woe Betide Anyone Who Is Afraid of Ghosts]


Publication accompanying the exhibition Sanja Iveković. Works of Heart (1974-2022), published by Kunsthalle Wien.

The artist‘s book Weh dem, der sich vor Geistern fürchtet [Woe Betide Anyone Who is Afraid of Ghosts] consists of around 50 poems written by Nera Šafarić-Iveković, mother of Sanja Iveković, as well as excerpts from her diary, facsimiles of letters she sent and received during her incarceration in Auschwitz, and numerous photographs from Sanja Iveković’s personal archive. With contributions byMiloš Đurđević and Sanja Iveković.

Edition: 200 copies, 50 signed

2022, published by Kunsthalle Wien

23,5 x 32,5 cm, 132 pages, color illustrations & cards
ISBN: 978-3-903412-05-7

Published by: Kunsthalle Wien / Stadt Wien Kunst GmbH

Poetry editing: Miloš Đurđević

Translation: Katharina Wolf-Grießhaber

Artistic design: Sanja Iveković

Graphic design: Barbara Blasin

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