angewandte@project space: MMM Moving Media Multiplicator

29/10 2003 20 Uhr

8 pm – 10 pm:

watch selected works out of the MMM mediatheque, moderated by Lucas Czjzek, from MMM:

unreal animation-shortfilm by Miroslav Nicic and Borjana Ventzislavova
shortfilm by Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor / Romania
stop-motion film by Daan Spruijt / The Netherlands
Demo / coded real-time movie by Kewlers / Finland
„The Practice“
performance video by Songyi Kim / USA
„Ego Ist“
shortfilm by Bernadette Weigel / Austria
Sofa Surfers music video by Timo Novotny, Vidok / Austria, Japan
„Revolution in New York“
generative movie by Gregory Chatonsky / France
„Journeys in Design“
Interactive by Simona Schimanovich / Australia

and more…

10 pm – 01 am:

DJ: Aika Surround
DJ: Blitzkrieg Bob

bring your own visuals/moving media works*
will be mixed live by the MMM VJs

*bring your media on: CD, DVD, Mini DV, VHS, SVHS, external harddisk or laptop, no sound.