Buchpräsentation: “ Situated Contemporary Art Practices. Art, Theory and Activism from (the East of) Europe.“ Marina Grzinic

22/11 2004 19 Uhr

Präsentation des neuen Buches von Marina Grzinic, im Gespräch mit Georg Schöllhammer, Chefredakteur Springerin, Wien.

Marina Grzinic
„Situated Contemporary Art Practices. Art, Theory and Activism from (the East of) Europe“

An anthology (English);
20,2 x 13 cm, 155 pp., 10 ill., paperback
ISBN 3-937577-40-8, € 19,-

This new title consists of re-edited and partly rewritten recent texts, all published in slightly or thoroughly different versions in international magazines and anthologies, by Marina Grzinic, philosopher, artist and theoretician from Ljubljana, Slovenia, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy (at The Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts). The book provides theoretical political readings of arts, culture and politics from the territory of ex-Yugoslavia, the former Eastern Europe and the capitalist space of new media and technology with its new economy, globalization policy, multicultural ideology and new forms of hegemonies. In the book Grzinic discusses among others the art projects by IRWIN, Tanja Ostojic, Emil Hrvatin, Laibach, Dragan Zivadinov, Ilya Kabakov, Oliver Ressler, Aurora Reinhardt, Walid Ra’ad and others.

Published by ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana and REVOLVER /Archiv für aktuelle Kunst/ Frankfurt am Main.
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