Lecture by Dunja Blaževic (in English)

27/10 2009 19 Uhr

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung: 1989. Ende der Geschichte oder Beginn der Zukunft?

Balkan’s Mall

Dunja Blaževic (Director of the Sarajevo Centre of Contemporary Art Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The current attitude towards the past is the key for the solution/non-solution of numerous regional problems, particularly in the countries of former Yugoslavia, countries that for almost the entire 20th Century shared a state and a history. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, the nationalist elites in power in newborn countries began a cleansing operation, one of memory erasing and history rewriting. In particular the erection and dismantling of monuments became the means of displaying the newly-achieved empowerment of a newly (re)created past.
The theme of monument at its demystification, reinterpretation or re-affirmation will be among others the subject matter of this lecture.

POST 89 LECTURE, akademische Vorträge, kuratiert von Aleš Debeljak in
Kooperation mit dem IFK, Wien