live@projectspace: WALKING / VIDEO-SCREENING

16/4 2011 21 Uhr

»Walking« ist eine internationale Studie über Bewegung im urbanen Raum auf visueller, akustischer und kinetischer Ebene.

Walking – soundtracks for public space

Katharina Ernst (A) – concept, drums
Christine Schörkhuber (A) – concept, video
Lukas Schiemer (A) – reeds
Emirhan Üçkardas (TR) – guitar
Jérôme Fohrer (F) – bass

Walking is a rhythmic relation of body and space – walking grooves!
A videocamera is observing a walkers’ movement on a determined route in Vienna. We see how the city influences the walking rhythm, how the body relates to the urban environment.
Inspired by the video, we compose music corresponding to the movement and the route.
We are creating site-specific music that is based on the rhythm of a body that goes through that space, the public space, that is full of bodies producing rhythm.

There are two separate tracks: one starting from the metro station Karlsplatz – Oper
going to the Bahnorama tower (the great construction site of Vienna Main Station), the
other one starting from Schwendermarkt in the 15th district going to the public library at

The live performance consists of a concert and screening. Both video and music have
their source in the walking rhythm.
Download the music from our website to experience the soundtrack for the two routes personally while walking!
This is the first stage of „ Walking“ , which will be continued in other cities, especially in
France and Turkey as a comparative artistic experiment that aimes to set up an expandable archive of routes.