CANCELLED: Zach Blas: Obedient x3

5/5 2020 7 pm

In order not to endanger the safety of our visitors in view of the current situation in connection with Covid-19, Kunsthalle Wien will be closed until further notice. This applies to the exhibition as well as all events and guided tours.

The lecture performance Obedient x3 traces the emergence of a new drug culture organized around nootropics, which are smart drugs geared towards enhancing cognitive capacities. Popularized in California and the tech industry, nootropics include both commercial, synthetic pills as well as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms in micro-doses. Obedient x3 suggests nootropics are part of a new psychedelic era oriented around neoliberal work culture and individualist optimization, and explores their relations to „tripping“ on drugs, artificial intelligence, lizards, and visionaries of the future.

Free admission