Space for Kids. The Art-Nature Laboratory or The Mushrooming Cabinet of Wonders

14/6 2022 — 9/10 2022
Curators Kunsthalle Wien’s art education team – Wolfgang Brunner, Michaela Schmidlechner, Michael Simku, and Martin Walkner

Artists: Monira Al Qadiri • Alice Bucknell • Šimon Chovan • Marcus Coates • Regula Dettwiler • Birke Gorm • Christian Hutzinger • Uriel Orlow • Michèle Pagel • Kristel Peters • Gala Porras-Kim • Lois Weinberger

Is the city a living organism? Why do oceans change color? Are glass-and-concrete skyscrapers nature, too?

The fifth iteration of the interactive exhibition format Space for Kids, which is open to children and grownups alike, goes live in 2022. The new edition zooms in on questions that revolve around the ways in which our environment is changing. We take inspiration from artists who explore climate change and natural ecosystems as well as the city as a habitat for animals, plants, and humans.

From June 14 until October 9, 2022, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz once again turns into an artistic research laboratory where children and all others who are interested work with artists and art educators to create an exhibition. Various workshops let the participants try out a range of creative methods and practices and playfully discover new ways of seeing the world around us. The results of the workshops as well as other visitors’ contributions and traces are presented in the form of a continually growing and mushrooming exhibition.